Supply Promises

During the past decade, countless commitments to reproductive health supplies have been made. This website makes these promises easily accessible, whether you are looking for specific country commitments or those of partner organisations.

Valerie DeFillipo

“Commitments are a point in time. It is what happens after a commitment has been made that matters most.”
Valerie DeFillipo, Director FP2020 (2013-2015), United States

John Skibiak

“By virtue of their visibility, commitments to reproductive health supplies represent unique vehicles for change by galvanizing the multi-sector support and national ownership needed to turn promises into reality.”
John Skibiak, Director RHSC, Belgium

Francis Kapapa

“We need to sit with decision makers at the district level and ensure they are aware of these commitments; without their understanding and buy-in change will be slow.”
Francis Kapapa, Adolescent Reproductive Health Specialist, Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health, Zambia

Hasifa Naluyiga

“We have a tendency not to be coordinated, and everybody is doing the same thing; working together around commitments allows us to synergize and make a change at the end of the day.”
Hasifa Naluyiga, RH Commodity Security Advocacy Officer, RHU (reproductive health Uganda)

Fatimata Sy

“The implementation plans help to increase the motivation of partners (including governments, civil society, private sector and donors) as their specific contribution becomes clear as well as what they strive to achieve”
Fatimata Sy, Director Ouagadougou Partnership, Senegal

Keeping our Reproductive Health Supplies Promises



Which commitments have been made to reproductive health supplies in the past decade?

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